Top 5 Hospitals in Whitefield

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Top 5 Hospitals in Whitefield

It is imperative for all the healthcare organizations to focus on cost, quality, and reliability of the services offered. These are the basic pillars which redefine how these organizations conduct. This will ultimately make the customers satisfied and happy. The experience obtained by the patient in any hospital is very important.

A good healthcare facility should have the following outstanding qualities:

1. Dedicated and focused leadership

The leadership of any organization matters most. In fact, every successful organization should have a highly dedicated and focused leadership. You need to have qualified personnel who can execute their roles successfully. Leadership demands accountability. The role played by the management or leaders is very crucial in a healthcare centre.

2. Core services

Sometimes it might not be possible to get all the services in all hospitals. Some hospitals specialize or focus on certain core services where they provide exemplary services. The services offered in such centers are of low cost, high quality and highly reliable. You will find people who are specialized in these core services. As a patient, you should look for those hospitals which provide these core services. There are some hospitals which will specialize on heart ailments, while others will specialize in cancer-related ailments. However, you are still likely to find some of the multispecialty hospitals which provide exemplary services.

3. Coordinated care

The coordination between the various departments can affect the service delivery and success of any healthcare facility. A good hospital should be coordinated throughout.

4. Openness to technology

The use of technology helps in making the complicated things easy. Robotic surgeries and other advanced procedures used in healthcare systems have greatly helped in increasing the success rates for the various treatments and surgeries. Technological power should not be neglected in hospitals as they play a critical role in improving the success rate of the treatments offered. Some of the sophisticated care has been made possible and easier by use of the advanced technology in this field. Technology has greatly improved productivity and efficiency of the healthcare systems.

5. Efficiency

The overall success of the whole hospital is determined by the efficiency of the various departments. The impression of your hospital will be affected when some of the staff fails in performing their duties. Your staff will contribute towards the success of your hospital when they work together. The role played by the various staff members including the support staff is very crucial in a hospital setup.

On the basis of these pillars the Top 5 hospitals of Whitefield are:

1. Brookefield Hospital

  • • Specialties:
    1. Physiotherapy
    2. Endocrinology and Diabetes care
    3. Cardiology & Surgeries
    4. Joint Replacement & Trauma Care
    5. Gastroenterology
    6. Neurology & Neurosurgery
    7. Cancer Care Facility
    8. Dermatology & Maxillofacial Surgery
    9. Obstetrics & IVF
    10. Child Birth & Pediatrics
    11. Urology
    12. Nephrology
    13. BEAST – Brookefield Emergency & Ambulance Service Team (Emergency Doctor on call with Ambulance Bike)
  • • Contact:
    1. Website –
    2. Address – 521/522, “Vijayalakshmi Square”, ITPL main Road, Kundalahalli, Bangalore 560037, India.
    3. Call – +91-8880223344
    4. Email –

2. Cloud Nine Hospital

  • • Specialties:
    1. Maternity
    2. Gynecology
    3. Pediatrics
    4. Intensive care
    5. Fertility
    6. Stem Cell Banking
    7. Cosmetology
  • • Contact:
    1. Email –
    2. Website –

3. Apollo Cradle Hospital

  • • Specialties:
    1. Maternity
    2. Gynecology
    3. Pediatric
    4. Neonatology
    5. Fetal Medicine
    6. Pregnancy
  • • Contact:
    1. Website –
    2. Call – : +91-40-4904 7777

4. Devi Eye Hospital

  • • Specialties:
    1. Cataract
    2. Lasik & Refractive
    3. Vitreo – Retina
    4. Glaucoma
    5. Vision Therapy
    6. Pediatric & Squint
    7. Orbit, Oculopasty & Ocularonology
    8. Uvetis, Ocula Immunology
    9. Opticals & Contact Lens
    10. Keratoconus
  • • Contact:
    1. Website –
    2. Email –

5. Dr. Kiran’s Smile Group Of Dental Hospitals

  • • Specialties:
    1. Teeth Whitening
    2. Crowns & Bridges
    3. Orthodontic Treatment
    4. Root Canal Treatment
    5. Cosmetic Dentistry
    6. Dental Implants
  • • Contact:
    1. Website –
    2. Email –

“A hospital alone shows what war is. Make the war the most peaceful by choosing the right hospital”

Choose the best for yourself & your loved ones

By Dr T. J. Pradeep Kumar