Operation Theatre

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Brookefield Hospital Operation Theatres

State-of-art operation theatres with vertical laminar flow ventilation, surgical control, scavenging system and hepa filters. The ceiling mounted laminar flow friendly Operating Lights emit white and shadow less light. Each O.T. has Electro hydraulic operating tables that offer maximum flexibility in their use for doing a variety of surgeries.

The O.Ts are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment like C-arms, operating microscopes, blood gas analysers, thermoelastrograph, anaesthesia machines, Cuza machines for GI/Transplant/Neuro etc., ultracisors, etc.

Post Operative Intensive Care Unit

All the departments are equipped with the finest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. The hospital has separate Intensive Care Units for each department for post operative care:

Combined with 24/7 diagnostic services, we can handle all types of operative procedures and emergencies