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IDEA: A New Holistic Approach for Emergency Health Situations

Traffic jams and narrow roads are common scenes in Bangalore. These factors make it very difficult for the already stretched Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to provide quick first response or first aid, which proves costly in many cases. Ambulances in form of car and van finds difficult to reach in time. But 2wheelers finds it easy to negotiate heavy rush hour traffic and narrow roads. Hence, scooter ambulances, accompanied by a trained paramedic and nurse will be a better choice for narrow and congested roads than a conventional ambulances.

What Is BEAST ?

Brookefield Hospital has launched a two-wheeler ambulance service called ‘BEAST’ to reach essential medical care during the ‘golden hour’ post accidents. Negotiating Bengaluru traffic can be traumatic but the Brookefield Hospital has devised a solution, at least for patients needing emergency care. A Two-wheeler ambulance service has been launched, promising to cut time for patients needing instant response. Equipped with life-saving drugs, oxygen cylinders and trained paramedic drivers, the motorbike ambulances are meant to provide emergency medical care to patients till a fully equipped ambulance arrives. The Hospital Promises 3-5 minutes is all that will be needed for the two-wheeler ambulances to reach a patient in need. The Two-wheeler ambulance will be equipped with splints to immobilise broken bones and stabilise cervical spine (the area most susceptible part to injury in a road accident).


There are thousands of automobiles blocking the traffic, resulting in time being lost. The two-wheeler ambulance can attend to the immediate needs, while the four-wheeler ambulance follows if there is further assistance required. We will be able to reach much faster. The bike has immediate first aid. A life can be saved even if the four-wheeler ambulance arrives late. That’s a comforting thought considering that the biggest challenge for health services is to deal with the city traffic, which can be life-threatening in more ways than one. The two-wheeler ambulance has a first-aid kit using which the rider of the vehicle would provide needed medical care to the patient before shifted him/her to a four-wheeler ambulance.