I have got admitted here for my breathing problem and Pradeep doctor and his team had taken care of me very well and explained me the reasons of each test done and answered all questions with full satisfaction. I recommend for others as well those who look for non expensive admissions and but needs affordable health care.

Sankar Palanisamy

It was really a wonderful experience for me. I was diagnosed with dengue and I got admitted before a week. I recovered within 2 days and the nurse and staffs were super helpful at the time of my admission and the hospital charges are also low compared to the other hospitals. I was taken care by Dr Pradeep.

Anirban Maji

Sincere grateful to Dr. Pradeep and his entire team for saving my saving my life. Thank you for the quick, immediate response and correct diagnosis leading to saving one of my organs.
Forever grateful 🙏🏼
May God bless you, the entire hospital and your entire team.


I am extremely impressed with the level of care provided at this hospital. Every staff member I encountered was attentive and dedicated to their job and the wellness of the patients. Their professionalism and commitment to patient care were evident in every interaction. Thank you for the exceptional service and compassion you showed during my visit.

Gyan Prakash

I had a really wonderful experience with Brookefield Hospital.They all took very good care of me .Dr. Pradeep was my treating doctor here and I would say he is a great doctor . He did a thorough examination of my pain and got to root cause of problem. He used to talk very gently and used to clear all my concerns.

Nurses here took a really good care of me .They were very polite kind and helpful.

Mampi, Prita and,Shweta were very nice to me and always used to take very good care of me while I was there.They always used to ask me how am I feeling and do I need any help

Dr. Anubala is a very kind and a really great doctor .She did surgery for my sinus .I did not felt any pain during the surgery .She treated me very well.

Dr. Tejowati and Dr. Soumya were very good to me .They always used to advise me on healthy living and healthy lifestyle and always used to ask me how am I feeling and also helped me whenever I needed .

Dr. Anitta was very kind and Generous. She took some tests for me and she used to talk to me very compassionately

They all here work as a family and all are caring and warm hearted .


I was admitted for 8 days for Dengue in this hospital and i must say the staff there is really very cooperative and helpful.They took care of me alot . Throughout the night Sisters and Brothers Shabnam,Sourav,Debayan took care of me.Doctor Pradeep hats off to him.No words for him for his right diagnosis.
Don't remember the name of the Operations lady but she has also been very helpful and kind.Overall a really good experience.

Bhaswati Sengupta

I was admitted to Brookfield Multi Specialist Hospital last Monday due to severe fever and headache.
The diagnosis revealed NS1 dengue. Throughout my treatment, I received exceptional care from Mr. Sumon.
He attended to me with personal care and dedication, checking on me each hour and ensuring I had everything I needed.
Despite ringing the bell multiple times, Mr. Sumon always responded promptly and without any sign of irritation.
His professionalism and compassionate care made a significant difference in my recovery.
I am incredibly grateful to Mr. Sumon and the entire hospital staff for their excellent service.

Kunal Dash