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Medical professionals, world over, from time immemorial, have been harping on the importance of TIME in case of medical emergencies. The Medical fraternity, on their part, have spoken of and publicized, on various platforms, the importance of reaching professional medical help to the effected in the shortest possible time, especially within the “Golden Hour”. Despite this, a large number of the effected continue to reach hospitals late either in a state of “brought dead” or “beyond revival”. The cause of delay in reaching the hospital can be attributed to the initial commotion and turmoil at the individual’s residence in searching for telephone numbers of hospitals/ambulances & passing on information of address & medical condition of patient. Activating the ambulance, briefing the staff of the location and condition of patient; ambulance negotiating through traffic and searching for the address adds tremendously to the time factor. Shifting of the stretcher borne unstable critical patient through small capacity lifts or very narrow winding stair cases to the ambulance takes its toll on the patient’s health condition and contributes to time. The final evacuating process completes with the ambulance reaching the hospital through traffic hurdles exhausting most or all of the “Golden Hour”.


Alive in the above backdrop Brookefield Hospital has enunciated and put in place a scheme to ensure maximum time of the “Golden Hour” is used optimally. The scheme nick named “BEAST” has been put together by putting together Man, Machine, Technology, Medical Equipment and Medicines together to form a composite, comprehensive & cohesive team with the sole objective of reaching out to patients with expert medical assistance at the earliest possible time by overcoming all inherent obstacles so as to optimally utilise the Golden hour thereby substantially increasing the survival chances


To reach the callers site, within the shortest possible time, fully equipped to render expert, monitored, medical attention aimed at stabilising the patient’s medical condition so as to evacuate him/her in a conducive environment for further management at the hospital.


A team of two super trained, experienced, nursing staff, capable of handling adverse medical situations & setting up a MINI MICU within the confines of the patients residence.

 A customized two wheeler (scooter) with easy maneuverability capable of housing Oxygen cylinder, necessary medical equipment, medicines & staff outfit.

  • Patient, while registration, would need to submit some specific information pertaining to address & his health condition. The hospital hands over a magnetic sticker, inscribed with a dedicated emergency telephone number, and an assigned four digit identity number to be displayed on the refrigerator door at home and also as an “ICE” number in the cell phone. Calling the emergency number results in the call landing simultaneously on four individual telephone numbers, one would be that of the “BEAST” team leader and the other three being Emergency Response Team members of the hospital.

  • The “BEAST” team is equipped with a “Smart Rx app” on his phone, through which the entire past medical history, present treatment & treating hospital is readily available.

  • The pre–fed GPS guides the team to the patient’s residence.

  • The team is designed to leave the hospital within 30 seconds of receiving the call

  • The medical experts at the hospital foresee the possible medical emergency & activate the ERT members to receive the patient at the emergency/casualty department

Intubation Kit, Oxygen cylinder with accessories, Defibrillator, Portable Ventilator, Infusion Pump and all other necessary Medical Instruments

As listed out.

BEAST FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

BEAST team consists of super trained staff, who are capable of handling any kind of emergencies. They are monitored by specialized doctors in the hospital.

Presently BEAST is available at Brookefield area. Shortly it will be extend to other parts of Bangalore

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1. Online through website of Brookefield Hospital

2. BEAST registration counter at Brookefield Hospital

3. During Beast camps at different locations

A valid photo ID, address proof, 1 photo is mandatory for registration

1000 per person per year.

Registration need to be renewed every year , with a renewal fee of Rs. 1000 every year, per person.

Yes, BEAST is an initiative to save your life within the golden hour during an emergency. Selection of hospital after stabilization is completely your choice

There are no charges for updating reports, any report can be updated by member through Brookefield website.

BEAST renders services to any medical emergencies irrespective of age and type of illness.


Not required, upload new address proof and call the hospital for conformation. Only the address will change but your registration number will remain the same.

1. BEAST will reach your place in the quickest possible time

2. Initial assessment and initiation of treatment under Doctors guidance is performed through Audio-visual conference
3. In critical cases all emergencies including airway maintenance, oxygen therapy, IV canulization, nebulization, ventilator support, DC shock and administration of life saving drugs.
4. Safe and stable transfer of a critically ill patient.


Yes, one phone call to the number inscribed on the magnetic sticker is sufficient for BEAST to reach your premises


No, on registration upload 2 alternate addresses with address proof and in the event of an emergency Call Beast and Quote the present address of residence.