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Brookefield Hospital is committed to do more than just providing medical care. We aim at providing exceptional & accessible health care at optimal costs to every patient with the same dignity and respect.

Our specialized doctors always strive to provide guaranteed high level of quality services. Seasoned staff combined with commitment to look after the well-being of patients has made us a quality health care provider. We align with the family members of patients to provide the best care to our patients. We strongly commit to protect every right of patient and we also ensure that the patient’s privacy and confidentiality is maintained.

We also re-affirm that we make stay of patients as pleasant and comfortable as possible. We work toward to build the trust among patients, so that we continue to provide our committed services as long as possible.

Brookefield Hospital has state-of-the-art facilities and specialist doctors to treat all health conditions. Browse our specialities and list of consulting doctors.

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Our Vision , Mission and Goals

Our Vision
At Brookefield hospital, Our vision is to be recognized as a premiere healthcare organization and to be a preferred choice for patients, doctors and associated work force at local, regional and ultimately at the national level.
Our Mission

Unwavering and uncompromising commitment to achieving excellence in delivering quality and compassionate health care. We promise nothing but a memorable medical experience for our valued customers in all departments of health care.

Goals & Objectives

To provide patient centered high quality service in an effective and efficient manner, with passion and compassion in a friendly, stimulating and professional environment