Dermatology & Maxillofacial Surgeries

Dermatology & Maxillofacial Surgeries Bangalore
Skin & Cosmetic Surgery
Reconstructive surgery

Maxillofacial Services

At Brookefield, this super-specialty that deals with management of deformity, trauma and pathology of the skull and facial regions. With many consultant maxillo facial and dental surgeons, our team offers a range of procedures that include:

Maxillo facial trauma and surgery

Craniofacial fractures involving bones of skull and face

Reconstructive surgery

Cancer/tumour surgery

Dental surgery and dental implants

Congenital anomaly correction

Skin care

The hospital has expertise and specialists to treat all types of skin conditions, diseases as well as conditions related to hair, scalp etc.:

Allergy testing

Skin allergies such as acne

Laser therapy for birth marks, skin disorders, tattoo removal etc.

Cryosurgery for removal of warts and other skin conditions

Cosmetic filler injections

Chemical Peeling and Dermbrasion