Fistula in ano

An anal fistula is a small tunnel that connects an infected gland inside the anus to an opening on the skin around the anus. Just inside the anus are a number of small glands that make mucus. Occasionally, these glands get clogged and can become infected, leading to an abscess. About half of these abscesses may develop into a fistula.


Anal abscesses and clogged anal glands.Other causes include
- Crohn’s disease
- Radiation (treatment for cancer)
- Trauma
- Sexually transmitted diseases
- Tuberculosis
- Diverticulitis
- Cancer
- Frequent anal abscesses
- Pain and swelling around the anus
- Bloody or foul-smelling drainage (pus) from an opening around the anus.
- Irritation of the skin around the anus from drainage
- Pain with bowel movements
- Fever, chills and a general feeling of fatigue
- Digital rectal examination
- Anoscopy
- USG or MRI

Surgery is usually needed

- Fistulotomy
- Advancement flap procedure
- Lift procedure

Setons placement for complex fistula


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